X-WON Target Bow


At home on the range. A fully adjustable adult compound target bow for archers of all skill levels. The X-WON™ features the Opti-Mod™ Cam System for a smooth pull and steady release that’s ideal for keeping your pins on target. Featuring customizable draw lengths in 1/2” increments for precision-tuning, and up to 70 lbs. of easily adjustable draw weight, the X-WON is versatile enough to accommodate archers from novice to experienced and provides enough power and accuracy to hit any mark.

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Axle Length

37” axle-to-axle

Brace Height

7 1/4”

Draw Weight

Adjustable from 41-70 lbs.

Draw Length

Range of 22-30”

Mass Weight

4 lbs.

IBO Rate

300 FPS

Let-Off %

Up to 75%

Additional Info


  • Opti-Mod™ Cam System adjustable in 1/2“ increments, no bow press required
  • Composite split limb design
  • Machined 6061-T6 aluminum riser
  • Drilled & tapped for accessories
  • Carbon composite cable guard
  • Molded competition grip
  • Durable, high-strength bowstring



  1. “The X-WON is a fantastic target and recreational shooting bow. The longer length provides a very enjoyable and forgiving shooting choice. This bow is built for all out accuracy.”
    -Joel Maxfield

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